Move Over Xena

Here comes Futa – Warrior Princess!

She can sheathe her sword in me, in true Greek fashion :) of course, anytime she wants too. And I’d love to give her a taste of my Chakram! Just add Gabrielle to the mix, shake gently, and I’d be set for a lifetime of heroic adventure!

Futa Warrior Princess

A futa fapping with her fleshlight

Say that fast three times!

Today’s feature selection for your fantasies involves this cute little gal as cums all over her face and stomach. I wish this pics didn’t have the censor lines over her tight little snatch and ass tho. Still, it’s easy to see the love the artist had for his little futanari angel as he brought her to life on his computer screen.

Futa fleshlight fapping

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Hands Free Cumshot

Gorgeous girls blows her wad all over the floor

She’s got a look of pure pleasure on her face as she lets loose with huge hands free orgasm. Her stiff cock points straight up as her juices explode all over the floor in a massive gooey hot mess! Any takers on giving her a second one?

hands free cumshot

Dickgirl busting a nut

And she’s blown her wad all over the place!

Today’s pic features an amazing top down shot of our dickgirls finishing up a little oral playtime. I love the smug little grin on her face after she just creampied all over herself and lover. Probably waiting for someone to come in and lick it all up. Any volunteers?

Dickgirl creampie

A Sunbathing Futa Beach Bunny

Sucking on a creamsicle

Today’s futanari features a lovely short haired gal sunbathing on the beach. She’s got her Daisy Dukes opened wide giving us a nice shot of her dick. Her string bikini top is stretched to the limit trying to contain her massive tits. While the ice cream she’s eating is slowly melting down her cleavage and to her stiffing cock as she waits for us to lick it up.

Sunbathing futanari eating ice cream

A Giant Two-Tailed Futa Fox

Uses a skyscraper as a Fleshlight.

Now there’s something you just don’t see everyday. Judging by the conditions of the other building, this foxy futa has been busy. She just finished busting a huge nut by using a building as a fleshlight and now the city block is covered in her hot sticky cum.

Remember the scene in Ghostbusters where they fry the Stay Puff Marshmallow man and everyone gets covered in his gooey remains? I imagine it was kinda like that for everyone in this pic. Except much sweeter. ;)

Giant futa fox masturbates

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A Futa Surfer…

Struts her stuff on a nude beach!

Of course she has to pause long enough to give us a chance to look up at her raging boner and massive tits. Imagine how good that veiny cock would feel as she slid it down your throat. Or anywhere else she (or you) wanted to put it. I’d love to hear her moan as I licked all around her balls, before working my way to her wet snatch. Then I’d slowly stroke her to cumpletion while burying my tongue deep in her ass.